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Lukasztudio has been registered in October 2016 – software, game, web development.
We developed 4 eCommerce, 6 blog websites, educational software, online service for big, Irish educational company.
We gained experience in the production of computer games – the most popular mod of Warcraft III, Horde Vs Alliance X3.
We made happy a lot of users :).
We are going to be more successful.
We gained more tools, more experience, better skills, clarity of vision.
We will hire talented developers, artists.
Since the beginning of this year we recorded 1 476 914 views and usage of our products.
What kind of client are we looking?
With the available tools and skills we do not end up with a specific client.
However, as if based on experience:
1. To develop and administer / maintenance an online service / software for a business based on contracts.
– meetings/gather information
– work from Lukasztudio, as well as at the company headquarters
– maintaining a permanent contact via phone, email
2. A Client who wants his business to go online.
3. A Client who wants his business to be visible – Social Media Advertisement Campaign:
– Search Engine Optimizer (keywords)
– Google registration, Facebook page
– Set up an ongoing promotion. An effective natural link building strategy for increases Your Business search ranking.
– Business Article advert links sponsored via Facebook and available in google search.

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