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Project Management

• A whole round approach and services in entire software development sector, game design, web service, mobile (Android, iOS, Web-browser based software) and desktop life cycle.
• Implementation of the solution and analysis.
• Content Management System with tutorials.
Free consultation.

Social Media Marketing

• Social Media Advertisement Campaign.
• An SEO Strategy Plan Management as integral part of doing Your online Business.
• An effective natural link building strategy for increases Your Business search ranking.
• Your Business hours, phone number, and directions on Google Search and Maps.

Algorithmic Solutions

• Extensive programs, various methods tailored to Your Business with accurate Your most inventing expectations.
• Java programming
• PHP server side programming
• JavaScript building dynamic websites
• jQuery php MySQL database connection
• Online Security – SSL, Secure Login System, Safe Database Connection, Secure Payment Methods

Maintenance and Administration

• Market trend updates.
• Cloud-hosting server maintenance.
• Creation and administration of complex database structures.

Our Services

Our Services

Website Maintenance

• Domain address registration and administration
• Cloud-hosting server maintenance
• Online business registration and administration
• Social media image and video advertisement campaign
• Website traffic increases
• Support and advises on conducting the online activities

Business Cards

• Business card design.
• Deluxe duplex business card prints with a brilliant finishes.
• Smart QR-codes linked to contact details and website.

Graphics and Audio Design

• Logo/Banner design
• 3d/2d Modelling, 3d/2d Animation
• Sound effects, Sound-tracks
• Photography, image, video making
• Art work (sketches, backgrounds, structures, characters, animations)


• Individual cart with purchase history for your clients.
• Online sales with use of secure payment methods.
• Recurring payments. We offer everyone an easy way to sell and pay for subscriptions.

Device Friendly Design

• Mobile application (Android, iOS)
• Responsive website design (mobile, tablet, desktop friendly design)
• Java programming – ‘Write once, run anywhere’

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The reviews

Your game and community has brought me countless hours of enjoyment and friends.

Allusedup Uaf Horde VS Alliance X3

I love this addictive game, that no matter how mad you can get at it , you seem to always come back no matter what the case maybe. Special for me because unlike other games, people from around the world you will talk with to take down the other team. It’s a fantastic game?

Katie Nassar Horde VS Alliance X3

HvsA is verry verry good game cause it full fun and full development of the mind And the admins is justness .. 😀

abrari Horde VS Alliance X3

OMG I love the game bro I hope this will soon play your game look out every day and I love this game c

WhereverTumorro Horde VS Alliance X3

This game
Made me addicted
Not just because of it
but because of the makers, the people, the players
the friends.

Leo Wladyslaw Horde VS Alliance X3

I love competitive games. Horde Vs Alliance is a game mode of original Warcraft III, which I played for about 3 years, then a friend of mine told me about HvsA and since then we played regularly 2-3 games per day, usualy in the evenings, speaking on Skype and having a great time.

Petr Pruner Horde VS Alliance X3

I soon saw the game of HvsA but not me agradava so much I played OvsH and day a friend invited me to play I already had some experience playing with a hero so I learned something fast I started to play when the hvsa resent appeared I am giving them first players and real mind is great this game even after 2 years and never bores me

Waldo Gomez Horde VS Alliance X3

Hello, im HvsA player since 5 years ago, and im very glad to see the project going well, i’ve to say thanks to the few persons who/helped maked this greatfull game, i will continue playing till my body feels week and be unable even to use the mouse. Thank you so much to all x3 developers, especially to u WooJ, u made this dream possible Keep the good work up im ready to help in want u want me to do @WooJ

Southside Horde VS Alliance X3

really, its a nice game, and many people will play it, good luck in future with project HVSA.

Mihai Octavian Horde VS Alliance X3


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Horde Vs Alliance X3