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Cut Unnecessary

The old designs that have lost their brightness and purpose, sometimes appear as unfinished burden.
Do not try to find use in them by adding a new structures, looking for fill and serve.
Take the lessons that can never even be useful, move on.
Time for depart the unnecessary, unfavorable.
Projects without the full engagement, as the result of different vision, beliefs, the lack of faith in the demand for the product, cause separation/doubts (read lack of respect for one’s own work), diminishing its value.
All these little things are rejected, creating space for the structures that are self-strengthening.
Yesterday I have launched a new online shop with Cannabidiol—CBD contain products that has significant medical benefits (

The product that will ease get rid of distraction :).
Cut Unnecessary!
CEO of Lukasztudio,
Lukasz Pieprzak

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