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Lukasztudio has been registered in October 2016 – software, game, web development.
I developed 4 eCommerce, 6 blog websites, educational software, online service for big, Irish educational company.
I gained experience in the production of computer games – the most popular mod of Warcraft III, Horde Vs Alliance X3.
I made happy a lot of users :).
I am going to be more successful.
I gained more tools, more experience, better skills, clarity of vision.
I will hire talented developers, artists.
Since the beginning of this year I recorded 1 476 914 views and usage of our products.
What kind of client am I looking?
With the available tools and skills I do not end up with a specific client.
However, as if based on experience:
1. To develop and administer / maintenance an online service / software for a business based on contracts.
– meetings/gather information
– work from Lukasztudio, as well as at the company headquarters
– maintaining a permanent contact via phone, email
2. A Client who wants his business to go online.
3. A Client who wants his business to be visible – Social Media Advertisement Campaign:
– Search Engine Optimizer (keywords)
– Google registration, Facebook page
– Set up an ongoing promotion. An effective natural link building strategy for increases Your Business search ranking.
– Business Article advert links sponsored via Facebook and available in google search.

It happens that the companies do not have a clear vision of their business for the future, without paying attention to the kind of success it wants to achieve.
Setting a goal is very important.
Then those missing elements are visible, as well as those already unnecessary are noticeable.
I will strengthen these visions! Conduct market research, develop a marketing plan.
I will get the right contacts, make the elements to be successful.
Clarity of vision – research – mind-map – work (do-observe-fix) – shape – success.

The last weeks brought a technical issues.
I had collided with two attacks on the server where I am keeping our files/websites/software.
Virus was spread-out affecting the hosting server, closing domains and access to ftp.
On Saturday 22nd April I got the message from the hosting server support:
“…It is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP.
This is FINAL warning regarding your account. If we receive another abuse report about this, unfortunately the account will have to be terminated indefinitely…”
There are no free days for the services that I am providing for growing my friends online businesses.
I was working until late night and restored the structures to full efficiency.
I applied protection against future attacks.
I added the obligatory service to keep the content stable contained in web hosting / maintenance:
– Hosting server maintenance
– Scripts up-to-date
– Consultations, support, advises on conducting online activities
– Bugs search and fixes
As of April Lukasztudio has over 328 thousands uses of all its products. Ranging from online games, websites and software.
It will be a month of development and to perfect my services.
CEO of Lukasztudio,
Lukasz Pieprzak

The old designs that have lost their brightness and purpose, sometimes appear as unfinished burden.
Do not try to find use in them by adding a new structures, looking for fill and serve.
Take the lessons that can never even be useful, move on.
Time for depart the unnecessary, unfavorable.
Projects without the full engagement, as the result of different vision, beliefs, the lack of faith in the demand for the product, cause separation/doubts (read lack of respect for one’s own work), diminishing its value.
All these little things are rejected, creating space for the structures that are self-strengthening.
Yesterday I have launched a new online shop with Cannabidiol—CBD contain products that has significant medical benefits (

The product that will ease get rid of distraction :).
Cut Unnecessary!
CEO of Lukasztudio,
Lukasz Pieprzak

I have launched my new website (
With the inclusion of a new team member my services has been expanded and strengthened.
Thank you for those who are included on Horde VS Alliance X3 testimonials, your words are our support.
In this month I will begin a new projects advertising a new products.
I offer 20% of introduction discount for a whole round approach launched prototype product for a new client.
Validity of the market trends, updates of the website template trend. My team support, advises on conduction the online activities from only €100 per year.
Founder of Lukasztudio,
Lukasz Pieprzak

January was the time of rest from the studio, a time of purpose normalization.
Preparation for work:
– Launching from the physical and breathing exercise.
– Airing and cleaning the working space.
– Asking – what experiences would I like to have as the managing director, the owner of Lukasztudio?
– Writing down the ideas when feeling the inspiration. Drawing a mind map, following-up the work schedule.
– As my mind is ‘numb’ for today I keep tracking on the work schedule, or simply relax by giving space for my thoughts, giving freedom, feeling loosely.
– Calling to my coworkers, to my clients, my mentors. Checking their tracks.
– Clicking on the keyboard, doing pause, taking deep breath, defining thoughts.
– Classify the feeling on which basis I will embark the future decisions.
As of January this year Lukasztudio has over 400 thousands uses of all the products. Ranging from online games, websites and software.
February arouse, new shoots are beginning to appear. The key value we’re attracting for this period is ‘Normalization’.
Keep it normal, keep it simple :).

Christmas is coming! What do you love about this special time of year?
Lukasztudio in November sets the new working environment.
During December the new investments in the equipment will take place.
Summarizing past month Lukasztudio had over 470 thousands uses of all its products. Ranging from online games, websites and software.
The number of uses is owe to Horde Vs Alliance X3 (, mod of Warcraft III which I launched in 2010 and was developed for 6 years.
Only in October the most popular hosting bot program recorded 5777 players with the average number of 80 games per nick name.
I wish all the fulfillment of their dreams,
faith in support within all levels of existence 🙂.