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Protection Service

The last weeks brought a technical issues.
I had collided with two attacks on the server where I am keeping our files/websites/software.
Virus was spread-out affecting the hosting server, closing domains and access to ftp.
On Saturday 22nd April I got the message from the hosting server support:
“…It is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP.
This is FINAL warning regarding your account. If we receive another abuse report about this, unfortunately the account will have to be terminated indefinitely…”
There are no free days for the services that I am providing for growing my friends online businesses.
I was working until late night and restored the structures to full efficiency.
I applied protection against future attacks.
I added the obligatory service to keep the content stable contained in web hosting / maintenance:
– Hosting server maintenance
– Scripts up-to-date
– Consultations, support, advises on conducting online activities
– Bugs search and fixes
As of April Lukasztudio has over 328 thousands uses of all its products. Ranging from online games, websites and software.
It will be a month of development and to perfect my services.
CEO of Lukasztudio,
Lukasz Pieprzak

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